Leadership Team


terry coleman sr

Terry Coleman, Sr.

CEO - Tecnova Inc.

Terry Coleman Sr., is the founder of Tecnova and Tecnova Electronics and the CEO of Tecnova Inc. A tireless and visionary leader, he founded the business in 1981 to design the latest engineering technology into new products for companies.

Terry leads the company to success with his exhaustive knowledge and brilliant application of electronic engineering, along with a strong and constant emphasis on balancing design features and price. He is the original architect and champion of Tecnova's design-it-right, build-it-right culture, where quality is designed and built in at every phase of every process, rather than being "inspected in" during production.

Terry Coleman Sr., is an alumnus of DeVry Institute of Technology, where he earned his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering. 



terence coleman jr

Terence Coleman, Jr.

President - Tecnova Electronics Inc.

As President, Terence Coleman Jr. drives Tecnova Electronics forward toward successful achievement of its goals on all fronts. He motivates, organizes, and galvanizes staff toward attainment of the company's short-term and long-term objectives.

Terence Coleman Jr., brings 25 years experience in operations, business development, IT, software development, and complex project management to his role as President. He is an alumnus of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he earned his degree in computer engineering.



kathy foxKathy Fox

Executive Vice President - Tecnova Electronics Inc.

Kathy directs the management team of Tecnova Electronics to foster a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement while emphasizing high quality and on-time delivery to our customers. 

Kathy strives to create long-term partnerships and integrate the goals of our customers into our internal processes. In addition, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of finance and human resources.

Kathy has been with Tecnova since 1996 and has been instrumental in developing the company into what it is today. She was a champion in implementing ISO 9001:2000 in 2001 and relocating the business to a larger facility in 2011. Kathy holds a BA in management and communications with a minor in accounting from Concordia University. With over 25 years of finance, human resource, and project management experience, she has a proven record of and commitment to sustaining and growing our company.


Sean O'Day

Sean O'Day

Senior Vice President - Tecnova Electronics Inc.

As senior vice president with over 25 years experience, Sean provides effective, energetic leadership and quality-driven oversight to all Tecnova Electronics production operations. His passion for quality and his focus on process efficiency enable our customers to competitively market leading solutions day in and day out.

Sean runs day-to-day shop floor operations and keeps our customers' projects on schedule, increasing the efficiency of production by applying the right technology at the right point in the production process. Sean's goal is perfection, and he never tires of pursuing it.


Scott Martin

Scott Martin

Quality Manager - Tecnova Electronics Inc.

As our quality manager, Scott develops and maintains the ISO 9001:2015 (Intertek) certified quality management system for Tecnova Electronics. He is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our quality system with the use of quality tools such as Pareto Analysis, PPAPs, FEMA’s, and SPC. His experience includes over 30 years in quality and electronics, in both military and commercial applications.

Scott is a certified IPC-A-610 Instructor for the Acceptability Of Electronic Assemblies and has an associate’s degree in electronic engineering technology from Illinois Central College.