Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Tecnova Electronics Supply Chain Team strives for high quality, ethical and socially responsible partnerships with our Supply Base. Solving challenges, delivering solutions and minimizing risk in our supply base is a top priority. Our team is passionate about supply chain and looks for innovative ways to satisfy our customer’s needs.



Tecnova Electronics is a lead-free facility. 

  • All Material must be RoHS Compliant.
  • RoHS Compliance Certifications are required with shipments. 
  • A Certificate of Conformance is required for each shipment.


Fabricated Items

All Fabricated items require material certifications with each shipment.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Chemical Shipments

Safety Data Sheets are required for all chemical shipments.


Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers must comply with PCB Supplier Requirements.

PDF_32PCB Supplier Requirements


Supplier Terms and Conditions

Tecnova Electronics legal terms and conditions governing purchases.

PDF_32Supplier Terms and Conditions


Supplier Responsibility

Tecnova Electronics strives to perform to the highest level of Integrity and Ethics at all times. This expectation flows down to our suppliers.

PDF_32Supplier Responsibility


Conflict Minerals Policy

Tecnova Electronics has adopted this conflict minerals policy in support of our compliance obligations under the U.S. Conflict Minerals Rule.

PDF_32Conflict Minerals Policy