Industrial Monitoring & Control: Boiler Control


Create a modular, expandable, configurable and robust boiler monitoring and control system that can be used world-wide.  The system must be able to connect to a wide range of external input sources as well as control external devices.  Ethernet, USB and modem connectivity are required.


An NXP 32-bit ARM7 processor, multiple Microchip 8-bit PICs, Micro Digital SMX operating system, ANSI C, and the IAR Embedded Workbench were used to create this extendable, robust, highly flexible system.


Tecnova was asked to build the next generation of industrial controllers for a long standing customer. The customer's goal was ambitious – configurable enough to support multiple current product lines as well as future products not yet envisioned. boiler_controlThe goal was established to allow faster reaction to market needs and to reduce future engineering costs required to meet those needs.

Multiple conductivity, pH and ORP inputs are supported as well as corrosion sensing for multiple types of alloys. Four RTD temperature inputs, four analog (4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V) inputs and four digital inputs are available. Outputs include eight relays and eight analog (4 to 20mA) outputs for active system control.

Configurable control algorithms make the system extremely flexible. Any input (or multiple inputs) can be used in any control algorithm to control any system output. In addition, any data in the system can be logged, alarms can be generated and all logs and data are sent via HTTP to a central server.

The unit supports multiple USB mass storage devices, two Ethernet ports for network connectivity, remote configuration and ZigBee® / 802.15.4 support for wireless sensors. The unit also supports both Modbus master and Modbus slave functionality using RS-485 drivers. The configurability allows selectively exposing the internal data through the Modbus slave port and allows receiving external data from a Modbus master.


Topics: Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Controls