Concurrent Design: Augmenting Your Engineering Staff


Create a device for interfacing with RFID tags and physical access security mechanisms that would be developed concurrently with other components of a larger system product.


Microchip microcontroller, USB and RS-485 controllers, and custom designed switching power supply circuits.


Time-to-market pressures are often mitigated with concurrent development efforts for multiple component assemblies that make up a system. Executing concurrent design activities presents numerous challenges including resource loading and coordination. augmenting_engineering_staffMeeting target delivery dates for each of the concurrent design efforts, while simultaneously adjusting to changing requirements and continuously providing detailed feedback to the other parallel efforts is the key to effective product development and timely release to production.

Tecnova's engineering services encompass the various technical disciplines required to meet the technical design challenge. Tecnova also provides a unique and flexible project management approach that allows these services to coordinate with client resources in an 'a la carte' fashion. This flexibility allows Tecnova clients to leverage their internal competencies in concert with the skill and additional resources of Tecnova.

Tecnova designed the hardware and firmware of a unique, new controller to provide RFID tag access and to provide control of the physical security access mechanisms. This unique, new controller was created, prototyped, tested, and delivered to the client who developed the PC software used to communicate with the controller.

The client began development of the PC software prior to the availability of the controller prototypes, and was ready to start testing the PC software just as the controller prototypes were available. Upon receipt of the controller prototypes, their continued development of the PC software occurred in coordination with continued controller firmware development by Tecnova. With the controller prototypes delivered to the client on schedule, and with responsive revision of the firmware by Tecnova in response to changing client requirements, the client was able to proceed from concept through final release of the PC software without delay.


Topics: Electronic Engineering, Firmware Development