4 Ways Product Development Companies Can Improve Testing

For product development companies, testing any process or device can be time consuming and expensive. The need to perform accurate and repeatable testing across multiple components only adds to the time and resources required of product developers. Manual testing can take hours, and often results in inconsistencies and inaccuracies based on the range of technologies used and the skills of the tester.

So how can product development companies reduce test time while increasing accuracy?

The solution is in four key areas:

  1. Establish formal procedures that are accurate, flexible, and consistent – but also easily understood and performed.

  2. Collect and measure meaningful data using a controlled, purposeful, predictable means.

  3. Store data securely and accurately and make it easily accessible for presentation and analysis.

  4. Design a tester experience that is consistent across multiple testers, across multiple skill sets. The testing interface must be user-friendly and intuitive. Complicated systems and hard-to-follow input instructions invite confusion and can compromise data.
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