Cutting the Greenhouse Effect: Automation Puts CO2 Separation in Reach

reducing-greenhouse-gases-electronic-product-developmentGlobal warming, mining and drilling, the greenhouse effect – they’re in the news all the time. The environment is something that's at the forefront of politics and our future, and efforts are being made in response. Countries are adopting stringent emission reductions and energy product development companies are always working to improve operations to meet not only federal regulations but society's expectations.

Where does engineering come in?

Engineering is at work for the environment in many ways. For example, for years, CO2 separation has been applied in oil and coal gasification and natural gas processing to reduce this greenhouse gas to levels acceptable by countries and regulatory agencies.

Sorbates can be used to “scrub” gaseous products, removing the unwanted CO2. However, naturally found sorbates have their limitations.

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Topics: Electronic Engineering