Test Engineering Experts


The Complete Solution to Solve Your Needs:

  • Concept Development
  • Software, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Control System Design
  • Assembly & Wiring
  • Integration, Verification & Validation, Commissioning

From Highly Experienced Test Engineers:

  • 5 to 30 years experience in Test Engineering
  • Certified LabVIEW developers
  • Hundreds of successful solutions

Using Industry Leading National Instruments Software and Hardware

  • LabVIEW, TestStand, Compact RIO/DAQ, PXI, FPGA, & RealTime (RTOS)



Flow Systems and Components 

  • Flow control and measurement, meter and controller calibration, pumps, filters, mixers, pressure controllers, fans
  • Efficiency, hi-pot, dielectric, rotor, stator
  • Fractional motors to 100's of HP, AC, DC, vector, servo, stepper, VFDs, soft starters

Aircraft Fuel System and Actuation Components

  • Fuel controls, EHSVs, actuators, RVDTs, LVDTs, dampers, ECUs

Electronic/Electrical Devices and Components

  • Batteries, chargers, circuit boards, industrial and consumer products

Mechanical Power Transmission

  • Pumps, accumulators, gear reducers, torque limiters, linear and rotary actuators, hydraulics, pneumatics

Electrical Power Transmission

  • Generators, transformers, power (W,V,A), capacitors, surge suppression and filters, vacuum interrupters, switchgear, 3φ power grid protection devices

Power Transmission

  • Clutches, brakes, linear and rotary actuators, valves, compressors, EHSVs