Analog Devices Design Partner Member

Tecnova is honored to be a member of Analog Devices Design Partner Network!

The Analog Devices Design Partner Network is a place for customers in need of technical expertise to easily connect with electronic design service companies that have been vetted and recommended by Analog Devices. PartnerZone partners are experts in Analog Devices technology and are capable of helping customers accelerate development efforts and cut time-to-market. Tecnova is unique because we provide electronic product design, engineering, contract manufacturing, and custom test solutions in-house. 

Looking for specific industry expert?

Tecnova develops products for many industries using the latest Analog Devices technology. Our staff consists of experienced hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical engineers. We can design and develop new products, redesign existing products, and reduce product cost. With our in-house electronic contract manufacturing, we can produce prototypes through full production runs of PC boards, or complete products.

Tecnova has extensive experience with:

  • Industrial Monitoring and Controls
  • Motor Drives
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Utilities
  • Transportation


  Analog Devices 


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