Mobile Applications

Real-Time Mobile Information 

Mobile apps are created for the iOS and Android operating systems and the design is one of the key elements for a successful application. The mobile apps are based on Adobe Flash Professional and developed for the specific capabilities of each mobile device operating system, file structure, and touch screen input.  A creative application with an easy to follow user interface that delivers smooth operation and meets your business requirements is our goal.  We can also assist you with the application deployment and ensure proper operation on the intended platforms. Tecnova is your complete mobile application solution provider. 

Specializing In

  • iOS and Android platforms
  • Mobile Sales Tools
  • Internet Of Things
  • MBaaS Development (Mobile Backend as a Service) 


  • ActionScript
  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows Mobile, Xamarin , AIR SDK software frameworks
  • Xamarin and AIR SDK: single development environment, common code base, multiple platforms
  • Xcode , Eclipse, Visual Studio, Flash Pro development environments
  • Grape City/Component One 3rd party controls and tools
  • Objective C, Swift, Java, C#, ActionScript 3 programming languages

mobile application programming languages