Process Monitoring & Controls

Tecnova has Designed and Built Many Types of Process Monitoring & Control Systems

  • Research lab monitoring solution
  • Flow meter calibration bench
  • Radiant panel
  • Consumer product test system 
  • Food processing monitor and analysis system 
  • High speed digital and analog monitoring system
  • High channel count data logger

Automated Machine Control

  • Armature processing machine  
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration ratings test system    
  • Laser-based film measuring system

Chemical Processing

  • Plant control for automated systems 
  • Control pressures, flows, temperatures and concentrations of gases to monitor and analyze results 
  • Control time, temperature, pressure, volume and valves for researching liquid reaction properties
  • Consolidation of data from various lab instruments and data logging of parameters 


  • Interface with a pump and other instrumentation to test micro-flow stability, performance, and reliability
  • Design and build test system for defibrillators