Markets & Applications

Each member of our Test Solutions Team is an electronic, mechanical, test, or system engineer. We come from diverse industries and use our experience, training, and certifications to develop the best possible solution. We have developed many complex applications that can be leveraged for your project.

Electric Utilities

  • Testing and configuring fault detection and interruption devices

  • Monitoring power grid Backfeed devices

  • Test and validate passive energy storage components in different environmental conditions

  • High voltage and current charging systems


  • Bed-of-Nails to functionally program, test, and calibrate PC boards

  • Mechanical actuators with vision to test electro-mechanical mechanisms

  • Electronic engine control

  • Mobile device Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)


  • Control and test of rotary actuators

  • Test of air management system components

  • High channel data logger for jet engine testing

  • Machine and process control of manufactured parts


  • Test air pump reliability at thermal boundary conditions

  • Active and passive component testing of edge detection devices

  • Life cycle test for off-road clutch

  • Stand control and automated acceptance testing of marine transmissions

  • Transmission and payload controller test system

  • Vehicle-based charging test systems