Sophisticated electronic manufacturing, on time and on budget

With on-site engineers and state-of-the-art facilities, Tecnova helps businesses bring complex products to market and keep them there.

Tecnova is a contract manufacturer specializing
in sophisticated new business-to-business products
with an average of 500 to 5,000 units per order.


Achieving the Highest Standards

Our versatile, highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art facility enable us to handle complex orders and frequent product development, delivering each order on time and within budget.

Our contract manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified to ensure quality in every product that leaves our shop floor. All Tecnova staff—from the shop floor to the design lab to the accounting office—understand and are committed to our quality policy.

Our shop staff uphold the highest standards of training and experience in the manufacturing sector. All of our shop staff attain and maintain the certifications that promote quality manufacturing.

Our manufacturing specialties include:

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