Contract Manufacturing

Logical Products, Incorporated (LPI) is a full service contract manufacturing firm under common ownership with Tecnova.  LPI was founded in 1987 to specialize in printed circuit board, electro-mechanical, mechanical, and control panel assemblies.  Clients include small, mid-size, and Fortune 100 corporations.  The combined capabilities of Tecnova and Logical Products provide flexibility and experience for custom electronic design and manufacturing with worldwide order fulfillment. 

Tecnova and LPI work together to transition your product from concept to design to production.

Products designed by Tecnova can easily be transferred to LPI for manufacturing.  Startup details and long term manufacturing maintenance issues can be easily addressed because both engineering and manufacturing are located in the same facility.

If you need the qualified design and engineering services offered through Tecnova, but prefer to manufacture your product elsewhere, Tecnova can transfer all design materials to a contractor of your choice.  This includes manufacturers in the United States as well as other worldwide locations such as China, Brazil, or Mexico.

LPI can manufacture your product even if it was designed in-house or by a 3rd‑party engineering firm.  We will work with you to determine the best path to transfer your new product design or a product that is already in production.

LPI offers:
  • Circuit Board Assembly
    • Surface Mount
    • Through-Hole
    • Mixed Technology
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly and Box Builds
  • Programming
  • Burn-In Processes
  • Cable and Wire Harness Builds
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Potting and Conformal Coating
  • Test Inspection
    • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
    • X-Ray
    • Functional
    • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
    • … and Much More!
  • Service to Every Industry
    • Medical
    • Instrumentation
    • Chemical
    • … and Many More!
  • Uncompromising quality, achieved through:
    • Strict Process Control
    • Highly Trained Personnel
Some examples of our work:

Printed Circuit
Board Assemblies


Complete Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Custom Cabling And Wire Harnesses

Custom Box Assemblies

Surface Mount / Through-Hole / Mixed Technology Assemblies
LPI is fully focused on providing customers an incredible service experience.  The Logical Products, Incorporated web site provides more detailed information on our capabilities: