The Better Solution



  • Insight into our client’s products through informative UI's, highly instrumented equipment, and revealing data visualization

  • Reduced product cost and quick payback through efficient test processing and proficient programming

  • Delivered quality through automation and meticulous analysis of test conditions/limits/results

  • Simplified and streamlined processing of our client’s product from R&D to Production

  • Reliable test equipment designed and built with high quality components

  • Scalable software and hardware architectures to accommodate changing needs as the product matures

  • Maintainable systems designed with COTS components and with serviceability in mind

  • Exceptional service throughout the lifecycle of the product

  • Advanced fault detection and recovery

  • Informative conditional error handling

  • Simple. Complete. Thorough. Solutions.


“Tecnova is a company whose professionalism and expertise in LabVIEW design is exemplary. This company is very cost effective for the quality of their work. They are determined to give you value for your money and do everything they can in keeping the cost to a minimum. I am extremely satisfied with this company and would highly recommend Tecnova for all your LabVIEW needs.”

     - Jeffrey A. Benz, President/CEO, IPCD Engineering Services, IN