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Founded by engineers who value high-quality products, our goal at Tecnova is to build it right the first time—every time.

Tecnova Electronics Inc is named a Top 5 Quality
Leadership Company
in 2014 by Quality Magazine!

Our new logo represents Tecnova’s ability to integrate manufacturing expertise with engineering innovation, upholding the highest standards of quality at every stage of every project and providing a high level of support and partnership to our clients.

Innovation Expertise Partnership

Watch Tecnova Electronics (formerly LPI) as featured on Fox News Business' broadcast of Manufacturing Marvels.

Tecnova and LPI Are Now One!

Since 1981, integrating engineering innovation with manufacturing expertise has been the cornerstone on which we seamlessly move from concept to prototype to full-scale manufacturing, culminating in the highest-quality products.

So, it only seems natural that as a manufacturing and engineering firm, we merge our two brands into one.

As of November, 2013, the Tecnova brand now includes the company previously known as Logical Products Inc. The companies still share ownership and location in our new 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.

We continue to combine contract manufacturing with product and software development to create quality products. You can now find all the solutions you are looking for at

Tecnova. Expert solutions. Start to finish.

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